Gardening Services in Surrey

At Challis Tringham, we provide the best garden maintenance in Surrey. Our services are carried out in a way that’s efficient, professional and, above all, green! We love our planet and we always ensure that the work we do is environmentally friendly, so your garden is beautified while we look after the planet we call home. All work we do is done to a very high standard, our workmen are reliable and we’re sure you’ll be well-pleased with how it all turns out. Check out our services below and, if you don’t see something you need, get in touch through our Contact page. We’re sure we can help you out!

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Garden Maintenance in Surrey
Domestic Services

 Gardening Services In Surrey lawn care

Lawn Care

We do grass cutting, edge trimming and general lawn maintenance, keeping it green, thick and lush. We can sow any seed that you need and spray any additives and suchlike that you require for the perfect lawn.


Gardening Services In Surrey garden clearance

Garden Clearance

An overgrown garden, full of weeds and dirt, is, at best, unsightly and, at worst, depressing. We can clear the entire area out for you, resetting your space to “factory settings” and readying it for the redesign and rebuilding work that is to come.


Gardening Services In Surrey soft landscaping

Soft Landscaping

As part of our gardening services in Surrey, we can fabricate and create beds and borders for flowers, plants and the like. We don’t yet offer hard landscaping (paths and concrete setting, etc.), but keep your eyes peeled for the future!


Gardening Services In Surrey patio and decking cleaning

Patio and Decking Cleaning

We offer pressure-washing, moss and lichen removal and patio treatments. Our gardening services in Surrey will have your patio looking clean and new, with no dangerous, slippery moss or lichen to catch you out on a damp winter’s morning.


Gardening Services In Surrey artificial lawns

Artificial Grass Maintenance

We can offer a complete brushing service for your artificial turf, bringing the pile back up to standard, making it look as it should. We’ll also disinfect it from animal waste and apply weed killer so no unwanted greenery takes root.




Garden Maintenance in Surrey
Commercial Services

Gardening Services In Surrey house with flowers

Estate and Letting Agents

If you have a property that you’re looking to sell and need to spruce the garden up before you put it on the market, we can help, providing all the aforementioned services, as listed above. Get in touch now, through our Contact page, for a quote.


Gardening Services In Surrey commercial garden

Companies with Green Areas

If your office is in need of beautification, to bring communal eating areas and car parks back to life, our services can help, with soft landscaping and patio and decking cleaning among our specialities.


Gardening Services In Surrey park

Communal Outdoor Spaces

If you own or run an apartment complex or other residential area with communal green space, we can provide all the aforementioned services for you, as part of our gardening services in Surrey. Get in touch to see how we can bring your space to life.






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The greatest compliment we can receive, as gardeners in Surrey, is that we’ve done a great job for one of our clients. We’re always happy to hear that we’ve done a good job and happy to share that feedback with you, too!










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