End of Tenancy Gardening in Surrey

Welcome to Challis Tringham Gardening, the leading provider of end of tenancy gardening services in Surrey. Our dedicated team of professional gardeners is here to help you ensure a smooth transition, whether you're a tenant moving out or a landlord readying your property for new occupancy. With our end of tenancy garden maintenance in Surrey, you can leave behind a well-maintained garden that will impress landlords, property managers, and new tenants alike.

Why would you need an end of tenancy gardening service?

Fulfilling Tenancy Agreements

Most rental agreements require tenants to maintain the garden and return it to its original condition upon vacating the property. End of tenancy gardening services help tenants fulfill this obligation, reducing the risk of disputes and potential deductions from the security deposit.

First Impressions Matter

A well-maintained garden creates a positive first impression for prospective tenants during property viewings. An attractive outdoor space can make a property stand out in a competitive rental market, increasing the chances of securing a new tenant quickly.

Property Value Preservation

Regular garden maintenance helps preserve and potentially increase a property's value. By investing in end of tenancy gardening services, landlords ensure their property remains in excellent condition, minimising the need for costly repairs or improvements in the future.

Reduced Vacancy Periods

A tidy and well-kept garden can shorten the vacancy period between tenants. Prospective tenants are more likely to choose a property with an appealing outdoor space, reducing the time it takes to find a new occupant and minimising lost rental income.



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